• AOC provides a variety of competitive work tasks from local companies available in a single environment.

  • Staff will support your search for a community job when you and your team determine this to be appropriate   for you and continue to support you at that site as needed.

  • We provides flexible working hours (available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) to best suit your needs.

  • Alexandria Opportunities Center provides

​     the opportunity to establish appropriate

     friendships with peers, with support from

     staff to maintain these relationships.

  • We will provide transportation through

     our own vehicles or with contracted

     Rainbow Rider services.

  • AOC provides services for people with a variety of mental and physical disabilities.

  • We provide individual support, teaching, and training varied according to your individually identified tolerance levels, ranging form one-to-one interaction to generalized support.

  • Your wages are based on individual piece rate.  You are paid exactly for what you complete.​​​

  • Staff will work with you individually to attain your greatest level of independence.

Simple Facts About Alexandria Opportunities Center

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Simple Facts About Alexandria Opportunities Center

 Alexandria Opportunities Center (AOC)

Alexandria Opportunities Center (AOC)



Our purpose is to assist people who need support to lead

self-directed lives and to participate fully in our communities and nation by teaching skills to explore and maintain employment in the environment important to the person.

Staff Job Opportunities

We currently have 1 full time
job opening here at AOC: ​Job Coach 

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