What AOC Offers!

DT&H Services!​​

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DT&H Services!

We are here for our employees!  Everything that we accomplish everyday is because of them!  

Our primary goal is to provide services which allow people with developmental disabilities and related conditions to attain the greatest degree of independence they are capable of!​

                              What AOC Offers!

Our program provides pre-vocational and work activity program structure, designed to accommodate the individual needs of people who are primarily diagnosed as having profound, severe, moderate, or mild mental disabilities.  

Our program also offers sheltered workshop structure for people diagnosed as having mental illness.  

Secondary disabilities common among people attending our program include anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, obsessive/compulsive, bipolar, adjustment, depressive disorders and mild/moderate dual diagnosed disabilities.

We also assist in Supported Employment, Mobile Work Crews, and Individual Placements.  

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